Cornflake Treats

I think this is the first recipe from the box that is untitled. I asked my wife what she thought the recipe was for and she immediately replied “Cornflake Treats,” with what I am sure I was just imagining was a hint of derision in her voice. I don’t like corn flakes and would naturally avoid any treat with them as an ingredient, but I guess I should have been able to figure this out on my own. She also pointed out that the white syrup mentioned is Karo Syrup.
I included the other side of this recipe because it might give a clue as to what the treats were intended for, or where the recipe came from. It is written on half of a pamphlet mentioning a chili supper, the Hawley Welfare Building, Villisca District, and logos for both the Campfire Girls and the youngest members of that group, Blue Birds. The recipe box came from Villisca, Iowa as explained in the introduction to this blog. The building mentioned no longer exists, but was in Des Moines, Iowa. Adding the rest of the information to our equation one could surmise there was a big Camp Fire Girls shindig in Des Moines that the Villisca District might not have attended, because the pamphlet also includes the words “Since we don’t” and “necessary funds.” My guess is there was a conciliatory Chili Supper for the girls at the Legion Hall in Villisca, where Cornflake Treats were enjoyed by all.  


  1. This is my first visit to your blog and I am enjoying looking through this recipe box. The above recipe would be called Corn Flake Candy in my section of the country. It is the kind of thing we "grew up on". My grandmother made it and she put hers in an oblong baking dish and then cut it into squares. She used 6 cups of corn flakes rathern than 4. Interesting to see a different version of this recipe.

  2. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I have only made it through about a quarter of the old recipe box at this point, so there's plenty more to come.